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   After you read it,  you will understand the MFZTA's  stance on non-resident trapping in Minnesota.  
   Why would a Minnesota trapper want to go to Wisconsin,  or Iowa,  or anywhere else to trap these fur-bearers. ?
    Only very few Minnesota trappers trap their limit of these animals.   They are not that plentiful, and if NR are allowed to come in and trap,  the limits will be lowered almost immediately by the DNR.   
   Beaver are removed all summer by contract trappers.  Muskrats and mink are getting hard to find.   Fur prices are predicted to be low.  Raccoons are mostly a farmland animal.    They may be abundant yet in the farmland zone.  I don't know,  because I don't trap south.  They are caught up north,  but not in great numbers.   
In the Nov/Dec Trappers Post,  The third paragraph had typo (mine, not TP)  errors.   The sentence ended with   "from Oct, 2014 to Jan. 2015";  obviously,  the trapping season had not started when I wrote the article by the Sept. 15, deadline.     AND,   There were two incidents that were not reported to me

This website will be ending and the other site will be the main webpage.

 2014 WOLF  hunting & trapping:   Permits were drawn,  successful applicants should have been notified..
  Click on the link below to watch the video on how a 220 trap functions and how to release a non-target catch.  Dog owners should watch this. 
LINK:         www.womenhfs.org    
   This is the group 'Women Hunting and Fishing for all Seasons',  our partner in producing this video.  You have to click on their video links in Hunting, to find it.  It is easy to find. Click on videos near the top of the page.
      It is a video of beavers working on their house. 
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An application to join is on page 2. ("About Us"  page)
Pictures of the Sept. 19, 2012  Banquet are on page 2 "About Us" 
The MFZTA district boundaries are shown on page 3 ("Contact Us" page)
   On page 5,  is a picture of a 1965 Tail-a-Sled made by the early Scorpion snow mobile company.   Check it out.  It is a one piece fiberglass body with a 12 hp engine.   
Our old website can now be accessed by this     www.mfzta.com       I update this site with new information in the Presidents column,  below, on the right.    You can send articles or pictures to me by email.    I will check them out,  and,  if we accept them,  I will publish them on this site.
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  Check out down below for shows we will be at.  Please come and help.  It is easy, if help is there;  especially at set up and take down.......3 people carrying 28 animals and 9 tables is tough,  but 8 or more can carry 3 animals and two tables each.   (a lot less trips to and from the trailer.)
History of the MFZTA......
      The Minnesota Forest Zone Trapping Association  {MFZTA} was formed by a group of trappers that decided it was time to have a 'voice' in the management of the sport. 
      The forested region of Minnesota has dense cover and abundant water.  This region has distinct climate variations from the rest of the state.   Freezing temperatures and snow can come at any time during the season start in late October.   Trappers have to have the ability to recognize potential problems, as mentioned above,  and have the equipment needed to be able to get to their trap line, regardless of the weather.  It takes an experienced trapper to be able to handle what nature puts out.
      The MFZTA will  have a number of programs that will enhance the sport of trapping in Minnesota.   We will educate all new trappers and the public on the values of trapping.  We will promote good sportsmanship,  good trapping ethics, and safe trapping practices.  We support wildlife research and  provide information to wildlife biologists.  We support the enforcement of regulations,  and will promote trapping methods that will prevent incidental catches of non-target fur-bearers.  Trapping instruction classes are another item on our agenda.   We will have classes for trapper certification.   We will promote trapping for youths.   The MTA trapper certification courses will be used and taught by MTA certified instructors. 
   We have a lot of trappers in the designated  Lynx Management Zone.  The western boundary of this zone follows State Highway # 53 from Duluth, north, to International Falls.  All land east and north of this line,  is the "Lynx Zone";  therefore,  trapping regulations have been modified to restrict, or eliminate the incidental take of Canada Lynx in this area.  The www.dnr.state.mn.us  has more information about this zone.
   The National Forest Lands in Northern Minnesota are open to many public uses, including trapping.  There are many special designated areas within the National Forests that have additional restrictions on the use of the lands.  OH V's  (4-wheelers) are banned in all of these designated areas.  A trapper has to be familiar with 36 CFR Part 261,  to trap in these areas.  It takes a lot of dedication and knowledge of the sport,  to pursue any type of fur-bearer in the Forest Zone.
   This new organization is going to work hard for the rights of trappers in the Forest Zone,  and will work with the MN DNR to enhance the trapping experience.  We need you as members to make the organization as strong as possible....Please join today. 
  Only MFZTA members who live in the Forest Zone have voting rights.  All the rest are "supporting" members who have input into the organization, but cannot vote on issues that affect trapping in the Forest Zone.  We do not want others to dictate and try to set policy in this fragile area of the state.  ....{it's just plain common sense}    We already have many influential members who have the "supporting" membership status.
   The MFZTA was  'formed';   and we are gaining members steadily as other trappers hear about us, and understand our commitment to trapping in the state of Minnesota.
     We support all areas of the state in maintaining resident trapping rules and regulations.   You can be a member no matter where you live,  your membership status is a 'supporting member', and all that means is that you cannot vote on issues in the Forest Zone,  unless you live in the Forest Zone.   We will listen to your ideas no matter your status.
  If you are a member of the MFZTA,  get your friends, your neighbors, your family  to join us...
Above map courtesy of St.Louis Cty., MN. and  MDHA    
 Around 90% of all public land in Minnesota,  is in the Forest Zone.  
*** If you have not seen a new DNR Hunting and Trapping rule book,  there are a number of changes that affect trapping in the state.   The first is the fisher/marten limit is only 2. ...and at registration,  you must bring in the fisher head, as well as marten heads...Also, the DNR set  April 30, 2014 as the last day of spring beaver season.  .
 It is not too late to join;  you can be a member of as many organizations that you want to;  please join today.  We do have a strong voice,  and we will get stronger, with more support by Minnesota trappers
........If you have never been a member of a trapping organization,  now is the time to join us.............Ken
If you do not receive the 'Trappers Post',   It is a good magazine and a lot of other trapping organizations are joining in and offering it to their members.   It is only $13 a year for our MFZTA members. 
  We have added our own bobcat and raccoon to our wildlife display.  We also have Lynx on loan form the DNR for our display.   Our newest member is the wolverine.  It came from the Churchill, Manitoba area of Canada;  Roger Toews  Fur Harvesters was instrumental in our getting this animal. 
The  4 gun raffle tickets can be picked up at the Virginia show.   The drawing is at the fall banquet.,  sometime in September. This raffle will have 4 guns.
All raffles are open to the public.  and you do not have to be present to win.  
Tickets are available,  email us for locations. 
  We acquired a nice used 14' tandem trailer.    If you would like to advertise your company on the trailer,  please contact us......
     Members,  if you know of a company or business that would like to have their company logo on the trailer,  call me or email me and I can send the worksheet.  Picture of trailer on pages 2 & 3.  
   Those of you who have seen our display,  know how much equipment has to be moved.  We were using 3 pickups to haul everything;  now,  one truck and the trailer works great...  
    We were storing all the mounts and equipment in a business's warehouse;  and we could no longer use the space due to construction.  We had to be out by April 15.  Now we have a safe and secure method of storing and moving our display.  
  I will put in a new membership application box on the next page. We now have a new mailing address
It is MFZTA,  Box 367,  Hibbing, MN. 55746   There have been some problems downloading the large page.   Hopefully,  you should be able to print out the application..... High lite the smaller application, go to File,  then click on print. contact me if it doesn't work yet...or you have not heard from us.
(To be announced)
We have more green T-shirts with the MFZTA logo for sale.  Medium, Large, X-large, XX-large, and 5X sizies.
They are a bargain and are good quality.   Also the MFZTA  patch is still available.....You can help support our group by contacting me and ordering some. We have MFZTA Hats also.
   Membership is still growing in the MFZTA.   We attend sport shows across northern Minnesota,  to help educate the public on the various animals,  trap safety, and recruit a lot of new members.  
   This is important for all the trappers in Minnesota.   Please join.  we have to protect our trapping rights..and we can only do this if we have  trappers on our side....and,  as members. 
Something to ponder: 
 We are always seeking donations for our tanned fur display......tanned fur,  and/ or animal mounts are what we are looking for.....We  will use them for public education on the types of animals found in the Forest Zone.     Please contact me,  Ken,   call me or use the email address for MFZTA,  if you have something for us.
......John A. from the east range area let us use 5 of his tanned furs for display.  thanks  John
Thanks to Chuck D. from Lakeville, Mn. for his donation of a large wolf rug.   Joe D.,  one of our directors,  lent us a nice black bear rug for the display. 
 "The Trappers Post" magazine is what we are offering for our members.  It is only $13 per year with a paid membership to the MFZTA. 
The website is www.trapperspost.com 
  On the 3rd page are pictures of the MFZTA districts  in the Forest Zone of Minnesota.   I am working on getting better pictures;  if you have a current deer zone map from the Hunting & Trapping rule book,  you can find the exact lines on the map from the pictures...... 
MFZTA District Boundaries......
   We now have directors for the districts. .....Plans are being made for district meetings. you may get a call from the new directors..... 
   On page three of this site,  the boundaries can be recognized.   We need to get members to help coordinate the activities of the MFZTA.   The work load is getting greater.   Ray and I need help.  
  The job of a District leader is to relay information to the members of the district,  have a district meeting,  be a member of the Board of Directors, and receive information from the Board and bring information to the Board from the members. 
   IF we only have one meeting/banquet a year,   it is difficult to act on proposals.  It may be only one district meeting a year at this time.  more can be scheduled,  such as a fall and/or spring district meeting.   Ray and I will help set up the meetings with the district leaders. 
Our fur-bearer/wildlife display was set up at Giants Ridge on Thur. Nov. 3,  2011.    The Minnesota Governor's deer hunting opener was set in the Biwabik area this year,  with headquarters at Giant's Ridge.   The MDHA and the MN DNR has been working on the activities and schedule for the event and it was a lot of fun for the youths. 
  The trailer and fur bearer display was at the main lodge.  We also had a part in the youth day activities on Friday morning, Nov. 4.    Our participation  was at the  'Hides of Minnesota" station.  We had fur's of Minnesota animals and the youths  identified them.   Other stations were;   Archery,  Make'N Tracks, Outdoor Safety, "OH Deer", and an obstacle course.  
    The MFZTA was invited to talk about trapping at the Hibbing/Chisholm MDHA Youth Day {Aug, 2012 & 2013} at the shooting range outside of Hibbing.  There was over 85 youths split into groups that had different presentations on outdoor activities.  shooting, archery, clay shooting, air guns, waterfowl, muzzle loader.  etc......
Skinning demo at 2013 Trappers convention
  Some members have not sent in their dues.   Please contact us at mfzta@q.com ,  or  218-969-3425 , or  218-865-4323  ($20/year) Your continued support is needed.  We have been working hard on trapping issues.   We have been to Legislative meetings at the state capitol in St. Paul.  A lot of miles have been 'racked-up'.   It has been well worth the effort.   We will always work hard for trapping rights;  we need your continued support.  
   The trapping organizations in Minnesota have members who actually do trap,  know how to trap, and understand that 'ups & downs" in numbers of fur-bearers harvested.
We need more members who will join the push to preserve trapping in Minnesota.  Don't sit back and think everything is fine.  It's not.   Join us now !!!!!
   We  (MFZTA, MTA,) met with the DNR  on Sat. Feb. 11, and again on Tues. Feb. 21, 2012 (both meetings in Grand Rapids)
{MTA--Minnesota Trappers Association}
The MN DNR went over the list of trapping rule changes that we sent to the DNR for discussion at the Feb. 11, 2012,  fur-bearer committee meeting.
#1: change the 9 am opening day start of trapping to be consistent with all other seasons, like fishing, hunting;  1/2 hour before sunrise or earlier.
#2:  eliminate or modify trap checking hours.  currently you can only check between 5 am and 10 pm.
#3:  Why do we need site coupons?
only certain animals have to be registered anyway. (DNR response: The coupons are used to maintain individual harvest quota's.)
#4:  Trappers want a 3 day check on using cable restraints in the northern zone. 
#5   Count incidental spring otter in the trappers limit if the 4 otter limit isn't filled.  (Not brought up)
#6:  The DNR had proposals for the wolf hunting/trapping season.
 #7.   Both trapping associations agreed on body-gripping restrictions.  We presented our methods to the DNR. 
   We will try again with proposals at the next meeting with the DNR.  (2013)
    A great website to browse is the Alaska Fish & game dept. site.   
www.adfg.alaska.gov    You can find fur-handling videos, species information and more....
  Congress considers testimony on Lawsuit Reform.
   In testimony before a Congressional committee,  Boone and Crockett President emeritus,  Lowell E. Baier,  told committee members that H.R. 1996,  the Government Savings Litigation Act,  will help America's fish, wildlife, and natural resources agencies do their jobs. 
   The legislation will benefit conservation and sound wildlife management, by bringing fairness, transparency and accountability to the Equal Access to Justice Act.  (EAJA)
   EAJA is an historic law that allows plaintiffs to recover attorney fees and other expenses from the federal government when they prevail in lawsuits against the government.
   In recent years, animal rights and environmental advocacy groups began using lawsuits to protest lawful decisions that they happen to oppose.  The groups use EAJA to recoup their legal costs.  The most frequent abuses include suing the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service on minor procedural decisions, then collecting settlements and EAJA reimbursements. 
    These private groups are collecting taxpayer dollars and consuming agency resources that could have gone toward wildlife management and conservation programs. 
You can go to the website www.boone-crockett.org for a lot more information on the ongoing loss of taxpayer money to pay lawyers fees,  instead of funding  fish and wildlife programs.  . 
   Contact your states Federal Legislators and urge them to support this bill......H.R. 1996
Laiskianen (2014)  is coming up at the old Palo school first part of Feb.  Come and visit. 
  OCTOBER  7,  2014
Good morning trappers; 
Important Information:

 Wisconsin trappers have Otter, fisher, and bobcat limits. 
 (see below)

   Fisher limit 1,  6 trapping zones.  Open statewide from Oct. 18 to Dec. 31.  75 day season.
    You need at least two preference points (2 years applying) to possibly get one fisher permit.  In zone A, (nw Wi)  roughly 1,650 applicants apply for only 200 permits.  Zone B, (to the east of A),  1,850 applicants try for 240 permits.  Zone A has a quota of 70 fisher, and 50 in zone B.   Trapping for fisher ends when the quota is reached.  A WI trapper may not get a permit to take one fisher for a few years.

     Otter: limit 1,   North zone is from Nov. 1, to April 30.  Central zone is Nov. 1 to March 31. Trappers need 1 preference point (north zone)(one year) to get a permit.    However, about 3,450 applicants try for the 905 available permits in the north zone.   The central zone applicants need two points (two years).  4,500 applicants apply for the 740 available permits.  Again,  it may take a few years to get a permit to trap one otter.  

    Bobcat:  limit 1,  Two seasons;  Oct. 18 to Dec. 25  and then from Dec. 26 to Jan. 31.  A trapper/hunter in WI.  needs a minimum of 7 preference points to get a permit to hunt or trap one bobcat.  That's a possibility of getting a permit only once in every 7  years.  The first season has a quota of 68 bobcats.  3,000 applicants try for 125 permits.  2nd season has a quota of 68 bobcats;  over 5000 applicants try for 90 permits.   seasons end when the quota is reached.

   SO,  all you Minnesota trappers have to read the above information and understand the importance of joining a trapping association that is working to maintain the current trapping laws.

    If you don't believe the words above,  go to the Wi DNR website.


 Find the trapping page,  click on the trapping regulations and download it (pdf file) and see for yourself.  

   You know the limits on bobcat, otter, and fisher for Minnesota resident trappers;  and you should realize the importance of keeping  the current laws and regulations.  

 MFZTA  MEMBERS BANQUET  (pictures on page 4)
   Thanks to the following list of individuals and business's for their generosity in supporting the MFZTA  These people and companies donated trapping related equipment and/or firearms,  to our raffle tables.

  Trappers Post,  Steve Menart,   Karen Spotts, Joe Turcott, Cumberland's Northwest Trappers Supply,  Rally Hess Snares,   L & M Supply, Tomahawk Live Trap,  Ken Reeve,  Shelly Brix,  NAFA,  Dan Klaysmatt,  MDHA, (Hibbing chapter ),  Hillcrest Homes,  Delta Waterfowl, (Hibbing chapter)   T & B Gun Shop,  River Rat Bait,  Trapper Liquor, (in Embarrass),  Havalon Knife, and Fur Harvesters.

If I left off someone,  please contact me.   

   Roger Toews,  from Fur Harvesters, drove down from Manitoba,  brought a pile of nice wood stretchers for us,  and gave a fur-market report.   Thanks, Roger.

    Russ Sikkila's  shop,  on the northside of Chisholm is a fur pick-up stop for Fur Harvesters.  Check their website for fur routes and dates,  www.furharvesters.com 
also check out  www.havalon.com

WOLF SEASON:  Minnesota
   Permits have been drawn.  

    Ray, Wayne, Russ and I requested a meeting with the DNR fur-bearer team.  It was on May 28 in Grand Rapids, Mn..  Two Dnr people were there.   It appears that there will be no changes to any fall trapping seasons, or limits.  We asked for an increase of 1 to the bobcat limit,  but the request was not granted.  We thought that the fisher/marten season would be later in the year,  (late December),  but according to the DNR,  the trappers who got the DNR sponsored trapping survey did not want it. 
   We tried,  no changes were 'granted',  but we won't stop trying.  We will always 'fight' for trapping,  that's why we need members to get non-members to join us.  We need members,  so find someone and get them to join.  

   The beaver season in northern Mn. was extended and ended on May 15.  
      Despite what you read, and who you listen to,   the extension was granted due to flooding and safety issues, caused by beaver, on highways and roads and ditches.  County road officials requested the extension, and the DNR granted it.
    Beaver will be trapped all summer by a private firm.  Contracts with a lot of northern counties are in place again for this summer (2014).   These contracts allow the trapping company to remove beaver and dams up to 20 miles upstream from where the creek/river cross the road or highway.  They can remove a maximum of 5 dams upstream from the trouble spot.   The contract (2014) for St. Louis County has been increased to over $60,000 for nuisance beaver trapping   and,  two county employees are assigned to clean out culverts  in addition to the trapping.   As a taxpayer in St. Louis county,   I am alarmed at the waste of money.  
    Don't believe for one minute that the beaver are getting a rest from trapping during the summer;   they are being trapped hard and many miles up each creek or stream or river.   (there is more information in this column,  just scroll down.)
     Wild rice managers consider beaver as vermin,  and they eradicate them regularly. 
NATIONAL NEWS:  (April 14, 2014)
   In the Orlando, Florida area, a women was mauled by a black bear that charged her in her own driveway.  It bit and clawed her.  She has staples and stitches all over her head where it bit and clawed.  She has claw marks and puncture wounds all over.  She is lucky to be alive. 
    The bears live in a large protected wildlife area and their population (unmanaged) has nearly tripled in a few years.  They have no place to go, but into residential areas.   Those who do not believe in wildlife management should move to this area and see and feel first hand what happens when wildlife is left unchecked in urban areas. 
  Below is a picture of a Florida alligator.  Sanibel Island residents changed their minds( a couple of years ago) about not disturbing these creatures, when a resident was severly injured by one that ambushed her in a backyard;  She died a few days later from complications caused by the attack.  They are now managed on the island.  (trapped and removed).
  The Duluth Sunday paper had an article about how certain native bands will be spearing fish on select lakes in northern Minnesota this spring.   Mille Lacs fish are at an all time low,  so these bands decided to kill fish on other lakes.    
   A lot of stakeholders have new DNR rules to contend with.   The crow hunters are mad,  the dog breeders are mad,  the falconers are mad.   All of the sportsmen on Mille Lacs are mad.  ( I heard that the DNR is planting musky in Mille Lacs.   I will have to investigate this,  if anyone has information, please contact me.)
CLick on the link at the top of the page to watch our video on 220 trap function and how to release non-target catches.   
   I finally listed our officers in the association,  on page 2.
   You can listen and watch the wolf meeting held at the MN DNR Legislative committee under Dave Dills leadership,  in St.Paul on Jan. 28, 2014.   You can listen to the people talk who do not now anything about wolves.  It is amazing how many ignorant people are out there.    Here is the link:
By watching this,  you can understand the need for trappers to join an organization.  
   A field editor for Outdoor News made some comments in 1/17/2014 issue.   He stated that the dog groups and trappers have to come up with something to prevent dogs from conibear traps.  
    The trappers have met two times in St. Paul with the dog lovers.  We have presented compromises,  they gave nothing;  absolutely nothing.  All they want is to restrict trapping.  And they have financial backing from the Hound Associations.  They too want to severly restrict trapping and snaring.
  It is too bad he (the field editor for Outdoor News, MN.) didn't do any research before writing what he did.
  There are certain people out there that are stating that 20 dogs were killed by traps.  
   I have the DNR incident reports for two years.    In the year of the 20 dog/trap reported incidents,  9 dogs were killed,  but 6 of those dogs were running loose.  Trappers cannot be held responsible for an irresponsible dog owner.  After these incidents,  the trapping groups introduced a state law that all square body-gripping traps had to be submerged in water,  or set back 7" in a box/cubby,  or 3 feet off the ground,  or set with no bait or scent  (trail set),  on all public land. 
    During this trapping season Oct. 2013 to Jan. 2014,   there has been only 6 dog/trap incidents,  and, NO dog deaths.   (4 with foothold traps and two with body-grippers).
         Dogs caught and not reported to the DNR,   are a non-issue.  You cannot count it if it is not investigated and the form filed.
     I have said it over and over;  "I valued my dogs too much to let them run free".  At home and  even while hunting,  the dog was never out of my sight, or it was in the kennel.
      As a result,  my dogs lived to an old age,  and passed on.  Of course,  they had scrapes and cuts while hunting,  and were brought to the vet. 
Check this out: 
Interesting article from Alaska:
In 2006, Alaska Department of Fish and Game (ADF&G) surveys revealed extremely low calf recruitment (fewer than 1 calf per 100 cows survived to four months of age) on the Southern Alaska Peninsula caribou herd (SAP) despite overall good health and high calf production. All available evidence indicated that predation on very young calves was very high. Although the small amount of hunting was eliminated, bull numbers continued to decline. Based on herd composition and our understanding of caribou biology, managers determined that bull numbers might get very low and prevent the herd from recovering to huntable status.
In 2008–2010, ADF&G implemented a selective wolf control program on the SAP calving grounds that dramatically increased calf recruitment (more than 39 calves per 100 cows were surviving to four months of age). The program was so successful that it has been paused and will only be re-implemented if calf recruitment drops below 20 calves per 100 cows. Only 22 adult wolves were killed over three years. Young of the year were euthanized in dens (relocation was not possible due to concern for rabies).
   I got some fisher trapping sets and snow pictures on page 2   .  
    Fisher/Marten trapping started on Sat. Nov. 30 and ended Thur. Dec. 5  (only 5 nights).  The limit per trapper was cut to two,  and on top of it all,  we have site tags that must be marked at the trap site,  when an animal is caught.   You cannot use your trapping partners tags,  only your own.  
    I questioned the length of the season and the DNR response to me was that a longer season would make more  trappers more successful in catching their limit of 2.  
    I had to think about that comment for a while.   My opinion is that the DNR doesn't want us to be successful.  Maybe its just me,  but we are being severely restricted in trapping, as well as hunting and especially fishing.  It's no wonder there are fewer and fewer licenses being sold. 
   I did get an early season wolf hunting permit on the 2nd chance lottery.   I shot an adult female wolf on Friday, Nov. 22,  2013.   It was cold,  so I had to start skinning it right away (at the hunting shack NW of Cook).  It was a healthy animal,  no mange,  and lots of fat on its back.  On inspection day, Nov. 25,  the Dnr took a tooth sample, meat sample, and the uterus.   This animal had a lot of fat inside as well.  
   'Tongue in cheek'  I asked if the wolf got all the fat from eating snowshoe hares.   He smiled and said they eat deer and moose.   I knew that, and expected that response. 
  I got the tanned wolf hide and the cleaned skull back.  From the nose to the base of the tail, it is 55" long. 
  Another important item: 
    We now have a DVD available that demonstrates how body-gripping traps function and how to release your pet/dog from the trap.   It will be available very soon.  It was done professionaly  and is quite detailed.   You can email us at mfzta@q.com .  
   Please read below in "WHY NOT" about joining a trapping organization.   There are way to many trappers out there who are on a 'free ride',  when it comes to protecting trapping.     For the price of two muskrats, or one mink,  or one X-large beaver,  you can spend the money and join and help us 'fight' to have common sense trapping rules based on sound biological data,  not 'personal opinions'  like we are subject to now.  
    *    One member at the convention stated that he didn't want the spring beaver trapping to be extended so that the beavers can recover. (this way,   he does not have much competition.)       
    BUT,   these beavers will be trapped all summer long by nuisance contracts anyway.  
  AND,   not everyone traps in the winter.  I dare say that there are more spring beaver trappers than winter trappers.    Extending the season (2014) would have given more opportunities  to more trappers to trap beaver.  
   The stream trout and wildrice departments of the DNR consider beaver a problem and try their best to get them out of their projects.   The wildlife departments limit trapping,  but these other departments have trappers out there 12 months a year. 
   The DNR has to get all their departments on the same page,  or the future of hunting, fishing, and trapping in Minnesota is in jeopardy. 
     A lot of trappers in the state do not belong to a trapping organization.   
 I ask you   "Why Not ?"
     Almost all of you working non-members belong to a union that protects your rights while on the job.  You  join the union to ensure that you recieve the proper rules and regulations while working.  
   By joining a trapping organization,  you are helping to protect your trapping rights,  the same as joining a union.  
Just by reading above and understanding what I said,  should be enough to get a trapper to join.  
If you are reading this,  you are (probably) a member of a trapping association,  but your neighbors or other trappers that you might know,  are probably not.  Talk to them, get them to join.
THINK ABOUT IT !   Trappers need to JOIN NOW  !!
We had a station at MDHA youth day event on Sat. Aug. 3, 2013. at the Hibbing shooting center, just west of Hibbing.  I brought small longspring traps for the kids to set.   The large majority of them had never set a trap.  All of them were successful with a little help.  
 The trail camera took pictures of a fisher,  (3 different days),  a skunk,  and 98 pictures of a weasel.   I moved the camera to a spot that deer and coyotes are traveling.  (April 26)
BIG NEWS:   The moose herd population estimate has dropped to about 2300 animals (from 4200 estimated last year)  Check the DNR website for more moose population data.     Wolf and bear predation can be a factor.  The research going on right now by the DNR,  using new gps collars on adult moose,  should help determine the cause of the declining moose population......... 
    The only change I saw,  was that the wolf quota for the 2013 hunting and trapping season, was cut almost in half in the Moose range.   How does that help moose ?   AND,   the bear permits were cut by 25 % statewide.   It is hard to understand the reasoning behind these changes.    I am beginning to think that the rules and regulations being changed are to control the sporstmen and not the species.   That's just me,   but,  that's what I see.   AND,   I believe I am correct.   
The moose population is continuing to decline.   They will be extinct if someone doesn't act soon. 
Use this llink to go to the DNR moose research page
current data and reports can be found here.  check it out.......,
   I know a hunter who went caribou hunting in Dec. 2012,  in the James Bay area (east side) of Quebec.  Every morning (required), they attended a safety meeting with a Quebec wildlife biologist.  He did state that this particular herd that winters in this area,  has declined from around 425,000 caribou to well under 100,000. (in just a few years)  The reason:  wolves and black bears...........
  Some Elk herds in the western mountains have been reduced almost 50% by wolves, cougars, and bears.  Certain Alaskan moose herds have recovered dramatically when the predators started being controlled. 
  The state of Maine has updated their moose population from 33,000,  8/9 years ago to over 67,000 in 2012.   There are no wolves in Maine;  there are bears,  and they are hunting strongly........
 I finally got pictures of our MFZTA hats,  look at page 2.
  On page 4,  I have started to list companies that have begun to send donations.  Please visit their sites and check out what they offer..........
   Page 5 is the "links" page.   I am starting to put websites of the company's that have their logo on our wild life display trailer. 
   Our new website address is now
www.mfzta.com      The site hasn't changed much yet,   I will work on it in the next few weeks/months.  You can email me at mfzta@q.com   if you have suggestions on what to include in the site.   We have a bigger site with more 'pages' available.   Let me know what changes may be needed.  Try www.mnforesttrappers.com ane let us know what you think.  
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